"Thanks to Tracy I have great looking nails, every day, every week! I used to have quite weak nails that would break as soon as they grew, and having the gel nails on a regular basis has really helped to give them strength, they grow to a decent length and look fantastic. The type of work I do means my hands are on show, a lot of the time and I now look down at my hands and smile, rather than try to hide them! The fact that they last for nearly 3 weeks means its very affordable, and Tracy gives me good advice on how to keep my nails healthy."


"What a difference! Having the Bio gel treatment on my nails has really made them stronger and longer. I have always felt that having nicely painted nails makes me feel much more 'finished' and nail varnish never lasted more than a day. Tracy is excellent and I always feel very well looked after every time I go, I cannot recommend her highly enough. "